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We hope you find the contents interesting and helpful and please remember, if you ever wish to discuss anything with a member of staff, don’t hesitate to let us know.


If your child is eligible to receive the new funding with effect from September this year (i.e. term after their third birthday), please remember you must register with HMRC as soon as possible to receive this. Failure to do so may mean you will not receive the additional funding.


Going forward, it will be necessary to apply for this funding the term prior to it becoming effective. To find out more about the new and existing offers, and how they can help you, go to the Childcare Choices website today at www.childcarechoices.gov.uk


As you are probably aware, according to HMRC, the new Tax-Free Childcare system is now “up and running” – for those of you able to get through!

It has also been a great big headache for many childcare providers and, unfortunately, we are one of those. Despite many attempts at registering our details and numerous calls to HMRC, we are still not showing on the system. As this Newsletter is being prepared, we are awaiting a call-back from HMRC Technical to rectify the issues. We understand there is a tremendous backlog for them to deal with so have no idea when this will happen.

Currently, we have parents who have fees “trapped” in the system through no fault of their own; if you are one of these and we aren’t aware of you being so, please let us know so we can work with you (rather than chasing you for fees!). Obviously, from our point of view, if you are still able to use Childcare Vouchers for the immediate future it would help us enormously.
Many apologies for the inconvenience this is causing and we will update you further as soon as possible.

Graduation Day!

Another year passes and yet another group of children are preparing to leave Nursery for “Big School”. As usual, we shall be arranging a Graduation Ceremony for Early Years leavers and their families which will be held on Friday, 11th August – so put the date in your diary! Further details will be notified shortly.

It would be appreciated if you would advise us of leaving dates as soon as they are known – notifications in writing at least one month beforehand to comply with our Terms & Conditions.

Sun Cream Reminder

Summer has certainly arrived with a bang! Please ensure you have provided an appropriate hat and sun cream for your child.

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What are we working on ?

Under Twos:

  • Holidays – what do we need for our holidays?
  • We will be looking at different countries and tasting foods from around the world and decorating flags from them

Tweenies’ Room:

  • Tweenies will be reading all about animals; The Very Lazy Ladybird; Quiet! and Smiley Shark
  • Making various animals, including Ladybirds, Sharks and Lions
  • Singing “Tiger, Tiger”
  • Talking about what we take on holiday; making flips flops, ice creams, etc.

Early Years:

  • Reading Handa’s Surprise
  • Cooking a Mango Crumble and preparing Fruit Skewers
  • Making African Masks and Necklaces
  • Making Animal Masks
  • Our role play will be in an Airport