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Personal Social Emotional Development

 – Encourage your child to say please and thank you
 – Encourage your child to take his / her own coat on/off
 – When playing with your child support them in sharing toys
 – Allow them to choose some toys themselves and reflect on opinions about these toys: e.g. this is my favourite doll/car
 – Ensure that your child is able to go to the toilet unaided
 – Try to support your child in taking turns with others
 – Encourage your child to talk about their feelings

Physical Development

 – Encourage your child to handle small and large equipment
 – Allow your child to use scissors and develop their skills
 – Allow your child to run, hop, skip, jump, and find different ways of travelling
 – Play games such as follow the leader and change actions to develop motors skills and co-ordination
 – Discuss changes to their bodies after exercise; heart beating faster feeling hot etc.

Communication and language

 – Encourage your child to sing/say songs and rhymes and tell their own stories
 – Make shapes of letters out of play dough: write them in sand: write their own name in the air
 – Sing alphabet songs and talk about the names of the letters an the sounds that they make
 – Ask your child about words that rhyme e.g. mouse house/ cat hat
 – To increase vocabulary and identify sounds: play word games such as I spy
 – Allow your child to select books for themselves: ones that interest him/her. Picture books with repetitive basis language such as those by Julia Donaldson
 – Encourage your child to “read” what is happening in the pictures. Prompt them to tell you a sentence about what is happening.

Literacy – Reading and writing

 – Provide fact and fiction books
 – Encourage children to predict outcomes to think of alternative endings, compare feelings of characters with their own feelings
 – Support and scaffold children’s reading as opportunities arise.


 – Practice counting; ask how many altogether which number is one more? Etc.
 – Point out numbers when out for a walk house car shop.
 – Encourage identifying shapes round wheel round plate square road sign
 – Sing number songs

Understanding the World

 – Talk to your child about special times: birthdays weddings
 – Encourage exploration of other places outdoors zoo
 – Allow to observe animals and describe them
 – Allow simple use of tools: trowel small fork
 – Encourage description of different surfaces hard soft rough smooth.

Expressive art and design

 – Allow your child to listen to and sing songs
 – Explore different media felts crayons paint play-dough
 – Encourage cutting and sticking games
 – Encourage child to dance to music do actions to songs.